No REST For The Weary

Start your adventure as a software engineer at the Daily D'eel by investigating a bug on the website. This task will put your knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and APIs to the test! Are you up for it?

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Challenge Description

Congrats, you just landed your dream job! You're officially a software engineer at the Daily D'eel, a big time deals site that sells aquariums and other fish supplies. Each day the company announces and sells a new item at a discount. It usually takes a few days to sell out of each item, but they always do sooner or later!

Today is your first day on the job and you've been assigned your first ticket. A member of the customer service team, Samuel Enderby, reported a bug and you took on the responsibility of investigating and fixing it. After purchasing an item on the Daily D'eel, users are invited to leave a review. Each item's page has a feed of the most reviews for shoppers to see. The problem is that new reviews aren't showing up in the feed for some reason. The customer service rep even tested it himself to make sure it was broken.

See if you can figure out how the feed works and find the missing review from "Samuel Enderby"!


In this challenge, we'll ask you to locate a hidden "flag". To find it, you'll need to utilize your problem solving abilities and maybe a bit of code. The flag looks like: flag{some_text_here}. When you find it, you'll need to paste the whole flag in the text box in the header of this page.

This challenge is timed, so read the instructions below carefully before you begin!