Testing Your Mettle

Now that you’ve figured out how the Daily D’eel feed works, your next challenge is to fix the bug. Since you’re a savvy developer, you’ve already written unit tests for all of your code. These tests are currently failing due to the bug in your team’s code so you’ll need to fix both the bug and your tests to get them all to pass.

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Challenge Description

Your team is really impressed by how quickly you found the missing review on the Daily D’eel feed. In your standup today, your manager tasked you with fixing the bug in the feed. You know from personal experience how much people like to review their Daily D’eel items - you’ve even posted a few swimmingly great reviews yourself!

Since Daily D’eel uses engineering best practices, they already have unit tests for the feed application. You’ll need to dive into the codebase, figure out what bug is causing the review to be hidden, and fix it so that your tests pass.

If you do well at this challenge, there might be some free fish coupons in it for you when your product gets out of Betta!


In this challenge, we'll ask you to locate a hidden "flag". To find it, you'll need to utilize your problem solving abilities and maybe a bit of code. The flag looks like: flag{some_text_here}. When you find it, you'll need to paste the whole flag in the text box in the header of this page.

This challenge is timed, so read the instructions below carefully before you begin!