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You've received a report that an administrator account for the Daily D'eel website was compromised. Investigate the report by reviewing the access logs for suspicious activity. If you do find something, it may tell you how the account was compromised in the first place!

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Challenge Description

Your team is all aboard with your new collaboration workflow and you’ve been awarded the monthly Code Shark award, congratulations! Now you can buy that exotic fish that you were saving up for. Just as it finally felt like smooth sailing for your team, a report came in to your Security Response Center about a potential vulnerability in your application.

Your boss was so impressed with your previous work that you’ve now been tasked with confirming the vulnerability. You’ve been given access to the massive log files that Daily D’eel stores in their data warehouse. You’ll need to discover if any private keys are leaking by parsing the logs.

Be thorough, you don’t want to miss the attack vector. It’s up to you to find the vulnerability so that your team can confine any would-be attackers to the brig. Good luck!


In this challenge, we'll ask you to locate a hidden "flag". To find it, you'll need to utilize your problem solving abilities and maybe a bit of code. The flag looks like: flag{some_text_here}. When you find it, you'll need to paste the whole flag in the text box in the header of this page.

This challenge is timed, so read the instructions below carefully before you begin!